never give a sucker an even break

never give a sucker an even break
This saying has been attributed to various people, including E. F. Albee and W. C. Fields. It was popularized by Fields, who is said to have used it in the musical comedy Poppy (1923), though it does not occur in the libretto. Poppy was made into a silent film in 1925 and called Sally of the Sawdust. This was in turn remade as a ‘talkie’ in 1936 (see quot. 1936). The proverb means that one should not allow a fair chance to a fool, or one who may be easily deceived.

1925 Collier’s 28 Nov. 26 ‘That line of mine that brings down the house always was true, wasn’t it?’ ‘Which line?’ I asked. ‘Never give a sucker an even break’ he [W. C. Fields] answered.

1936 N. Y. Herald Tribune 15 Mar. v. 1 Wasn’t it ‘Poppy’ that provided him with his immortal motto, ‘Never give a sucker an even break’?

1940 WODEHOUSE Eggs, Beans & Crumpets 158 Never give a sucker an even break... But your sermon has made me see that there is something higher and nobler than a code of business ethics.

1979 Daily Telegraph 3 Nov. 24 The basic American business philosophy of ‘never give a sucker an even break’ runs rampant in those [money] markets.

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